Setting up 301 redirects when chainging your web address

301 redirects assist in a smooth migration of your website

301 redirect trafficAs a business person, you may suddenly decide to change your website and there may be many reasons for doing this. In general, businesses like yours change their websites because their competitors may have suddenly changed some of their strategies. If you do not respond appropriately, you may not be able to withstand the power of their competition. In fact, experts also suggest that you should have flexible business plans. Though you may have a concrete target to achieve, your plans should always be flexible. That is the reason many businesses do not believe in the concept of a perfect business plan. The truth is that there cannot be a perfect business plan at all. When competitors are always changing their tacks, your business plan must also change. Change in the website is also part of such a flexible plan only.

There can be a change of website when you combine or merge a few websites you have. But, in this exercise, some of the pages in the old sites may be dispensed with and a few pages may be added. This will lead to the emergence of a new website. But, before you start this process of having a new website, you should consider using 301 redirects. Any competent SEO company can be approached to help you have this 301 redirect. Simply put, when you change your website, you should necessarily have 301 Redirects as a part of your transition strategy. 301 Redirects use a concept called Htaccess (you can read more at to help you during this transition process.

When you use this redirect, you are informing the search engines that your website has been changed. The redirect will automatically divert the visitors to your new website or redirect website. Of course, there are other redirects also. But, if you opt for 301 redirects, you are informing the search engines themselves that the website has permanently changed. So, the number of visitors to your website will not come down at all. It will remain the same because the visitors will be diverted to the redirect domain or the new domain. But, in the case of other redirects, it has been observed that the number of visitors has come down drastically.

In a 301 Redirect, the code used in the programming is called the 301 code and this code denotes that your website has permanently moved. If you do not use this redirect, those who click your old website are likely to get disappointed because they will find dead links or an old site. By using the 301 redirect as described at, you will never miss these visitors. In the Search Engine parlance, your website will not lose its "SEO link juice" it has already acquired.

Though your intention to change the old one and have a new website may be to popularize your site in a better manner, it is not a wise move to lose the usual old customers or visitors to your site. With 301 redirects, the fear of losing your old visitors is not there because they will continue to visit your website, thanks to the redirecting that takes place. So, you need not repeat whatever efforts you made when you made your old website initially. This means that the efforts you put in long back will continue to fetch results for you.


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