Rubbish Art

Making Shadow Art from Rubbish

rubbish art - shadow art from rubbishYou may be surprised to know that shadow-art pieces can be made using piles of rubbish. British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster skillfully play with our perceptions and have been making shadow-art pieces using rubbish. Using light projected against the piles of rubbish, they create images and these images look completely different from the real rubbish we look at. One of their earliest pieces was made with a pile of household rubbish collected over a period of six months. Instead of getting the household waste removed by companies involved in rubbish removal, they used the rubbish for making pieces of art.

These two artists use the rubbish collected out of their studio also. This is in contrast to the art pieces they made with household waste during the earlier period. The studio waste may consist of discarded items like a useless screwdriver, used up brass polish and so on. The artists pile the rubbish together and from the "jumble of chaos", the most perfect and highly aesthetic shadow-art pieces emerge.

You may justifiably think that these two artists who create such shadow-art pieces are renegades or rebels in the most acclaimed World of Arts because they create these pieces from rubbish. You may think that they want to gain reputation out of nothing by using discarded waste instead of allowing them to be removed by rubbish removal companies like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. Some eminent artists have expressed shock over the bold and crude themes chosen by these artists in their so-called art pieces.

At the same time, there are people who appreciate Webster and Noble for their brilliant sculptures and installations. They are appreciated not only for their concept but for their perfect execution. Webster and Noble use items like welded scrap metal pieces also apart from the cheap and low grade rubbish materials. In other words, these two artists consider that every type of waste can be used for their great work.

After you look at the shadow-art pieces of these two artists, your perception about rubbish and other useless items may undergo a drastic change. Your earlier idea about trash or waste may be based on the assumption that rubbish, whether it is household, industrial or commercial, cannot be used for a purpose like this. You may have been thinking that at best, the waste can be recycled and re-used after rubbish removal companies such as complete their task of waste removal. Now, these artists have changed this common assumption completely.

A peep into the human history may reveal to you that rubbish started accumulating when industries were started. But, the same history is not replete with many examples of rubbish being used for such purposes. Though we really do not know if Webster and Noble are the first to use rubbish for making such art pieces, we can justifiably assume that this may just be the tip of the iceberg and there may be numerous other purposes for which rubbish can be used. Companies who are involved in rubbish removals should give a serious thinking about this.


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